All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


Released: 2020-04-07

Features v2.11.0

  • b-avatar: if image src fails to load, then show icon, text or fallback icon (#5079) (ed6704d)
  • b-calendar, b-form-datepicker: add optional decade navigation buttons (addresses #4976) (#5112) (b1f74a8)

Bug Fixes v2.11.0

  • b-calendar, b-form-datepicker: handle keyboard navigation when selected date is out of range (fixes #5057) (#5108) (6ed09f4)
  • b-link: don't render target or rel attrs when router-tag other than a or area provided (#5107) (33c6cef)
  • tooltip, popover: handle 'click blur' trigger on iOS webkit browsers (fixes #5099) (#5103) (27da76c)

Other v2.11.0

  • additional unit testing
  • dev dependencies updates
  • minor documentation updates


Released: 2020-04-02

Bug Fixes v2.10.1

  • b-avatar: remove default padding when in button mode (fixes #5073) (#5076) (26377b3)
  • b-table: fix context object currentPage issue introduced in v2.10.0 (fixes #5065) (#5067) (874dca2)

Other v2.10.1

  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-04-01

Features v2.10.0

Bug Fixes v2.10.0

  • b-avatar: remove duplicate button variant class (#5056) (9f78f32)
  • b-card: handle header-html and footer-html props correctly (fixes #5038) (#5039) (f378aef)
  • types: add missing declaration for b-form-timepicker (closes #5035) (#5036) (ae84118)

Other v2.10.0

  • documentation site improvements and updates
  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-03-25

Features v2.9.0

  • b-aspect: new custom component <b-aspect> (#5008) (662c8e0)
  • b-avatar: add alt prop for adding alt attribute to image and icon avatars (closes #4990) (#4991) (d1474f2)
  • b-drodpown-item-button, b-drodpown-item-button: add button-class and link-class prop (#5014) (b39d31c)
  • b-form-datepicker, b-form-timepicker: emit shown and hidden events (#5004) (eb259b9)
  • b-navbar-toggle: make default slot scoped (#4995) (144d45f)

Docs v2.9.0

  • Ensure that the IconsPlugin is imported when exporting from playground to CodePen, CodeSandbox, and JsFiddle (#5003)

Other v2.9.0

  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-03-22

Features v2.8.0

  • icons: upgrade to Bootstrap Icons 1.0.0.alpha3 (#4966) (d481365)
    • 200+ new icons
    • skip-* icon names fixed (closes #4733)
    • document-* icons renamed to file-*
    • alert-* icons renamed to exclamation-*
    • columns-gutters icon renamed to columns-gap
    • diamond icon renamed to gem because of new diamond-* shape icons
  • b-avatar: new <b-avatar> component (#4974) (b2325a3)
  • b-form-spinbutton: add slots for increment and decrement button content (closes #4958) (#4963) (5684405)

Other v2.8.0

  • docs updates
  • dev dependencies updates


Released: 2020-03-14

Features v2.7.0

Bug Fixes v2.7.0

  • b-form-file: fix value prop validation when using directory mode (fixes #4912) (#4913) (498a262)
  • b-form-file: make sure to catch all errors when resetting the input (#4936) (682bc46)

Other v2.7.0

  • deps: update devDependency rollup to 2.0.x
  • minor docs updates


Released: 2020-03-06

Bug Fixes v2.6.1

  • b-form-spinbutton: respect step value for initial decrement when wrap enabled (closes #4884) (#4885) (28e7245)

Other v2.6.1

  • documentation updates and fixes
  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-03-05

Features v2.6.0

  • b-calendar, b-form-datepicker: allow customization of in-component displayed date format (closes #4797) (#4835) (85c7e75)
  • b-form-datepicker: add button-content optionally scoped slot for calendar icon (#4795) (7a00910)
  • b-form-datepicker: add calendar-width prop (closes #4817) (#4822) (91b77bc)
  • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: improve aria accessibility - changes to inner structure and aria attributes (closes: #4811, #4160) (#4810) (7ee4baa)
  • b-tabs: add ability to provide custom tab button attributes (closes: #4803) (#4806) (c541d3d)
  • b-time, b-form-timepicker: new components b-time and b-form-timepicker (#4783) (417ef8f)

Bug Fixes v2.6.0

  • b-form-datepicker: menu focus handling for Firefox and Safari on MacOS, and fix v-model update issue (closes #4814, #4827) (#4824) (09fa920)
  • b-form-spinbutton: prevent buttons from re-ordering when parent element is RTL (#4802) (ae2cce9)
  • b-form-spinbutton: prevent double increment/decrement on mobile (fixes #4838) (#4842) (9c2c700)

Other v2.6.0

  • documentation updates
  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-02-18

Features v2.5.0

  • b-calendar, b-form-datepicker: new components b-calendar and b-form-datepicker (closes #3676, #1428) (#4712) (af0ded0)
  • b-form-spinbutton: new form control component b-form-spinbutton (#4744) (da5e473)
  • v-b-hover: new directive for reacting to hover changes (#4771) (b7adc6d)

Bug Fixes v2.5.0

  • b-form-tags: improve accessibility for screen reader users (#4775) (2328630)
  • b-modal: additional fixes for show transition behaviour (closes #4761) (#4777) (1113c6f)

Other v2.5.0

  • documentation updates
  • documentation accessibility improvements
  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-02-15

Bug Fixes v2.4.2

  • b-button: when href is "#" add role=button and appropriate keydown handlers for A11Y (#4768) (087a128)
  • b-modal: fix transition show enter timing (closes #4761) (#4766) (968c957)

Other v2.4.2

  • documentation updates
  • dev dependency updates


Released: 2020-02-12

Bug Fixes v2.4.1

  • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: handle change event for all mobile device keyboards (closes #4724) (#4739) (166a932)
  • b-tooltip, v-b-tooltip: fix arrow margin (#4727) (865a655)

Other v2.4.1

  • dev dependency updates
  • minor docs updates


Released: 2020-02-01

Features v2.4.0

  • b-modal: add ignore-enforce-focus-selector prop (closes #4537) (#4702) (c3ac992)
  • b-nav-item-dropdown: add boundary prop, applicable when not in b-navbar (closes #4684) (#4691) (3a50ad8)

Bug Fixes v2.4.0

  • b-dropdown: focus-in handling for Safari and Firefox on macOS/iOS (closes #4328) (#4426) (2eab55b)
  • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: properly handle out-of-sync values (closes #4695) (#4701) (954176d)


Released: 2020-01-24

Features v2.3.0

  • b-button-close: add content prop (#4574) (7379c6d)
  • b-form-tags: new option to specify input type (closes #4644) (#4645) (b899fac)
  • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: add page button class props and option to show first/last page numbers (closes #4597, #4533) (#4622) (3a3ee1d)
  • icons: add stacking support (#4658) (b185cdb)

Bug Fixes v2.3.0

  • v-b-modal: only unbind/rebind during componentUpdated hook if trigger element or modal ID changes (closes #4669) (#4672) (e53a05d)
  • utils: pass all Array/Object util shortcuts as functions, for handling late loaded polyfills (#4647) (f584425)


Released: 2020-01-15

Bug Fixes v2.2.2

  • nuxt module: remove unnecessary export statements (#4624) (27f066c)

Other v2.2.2

  • dev dependencies updates
  • minor docs updates


Released: 2020-01-13

Bug Fixes v2.2.1

  • icons: make icon transform props work with IE 11 (closes #4607) (#4608) (899779f)
  • types: add missing declarations for b-form-select-option & b-form-select-option-group (#4595) (8d60832)
  • types: include named export BootstrapVue in declaration file (#4590) (603307a)
  • modal, tooltips, popovers: remove nextTick delay when updating content in transporter portal (closes #4589) (#4604) (0e3e7e0)
  • utils: correct identity spelling error (#4579) (7fed191)

Docs v2.2.1

  • add live validation examples in validation reference section (#4584) (aca4a5c)

Other v2.2.1

  • dev dependencies updates


Released: 2020-01-08

Overview v2.2.0

  • New optional icon components based on BootstrapIcons v1.0.0-alpha2
  • New tagged input component <b-form-tags>
  • Support for Bootstrap v4.4.1 CSS/SCSS

Features v2.2.0

  • icons: new optional icon components (#4489) (d2bef17)
  • b-collapse: add new prop appear to animate an initially visible collapse (#4317) (136a72b)
  • b-collapse: add optional scoping to default slot (#4405) (8e95bac)
  • b-container: add support for Bootstrap v4.4.x new responsive containers (0e318f4)
  • b-dropdown: add splitClass property to dropdown component (#4394) (a5f342e)
  • b-dropdown-form: new form-class prop for adding classes to the form element (closes #4474) (#4475) (eef4200)
  • b-form-select: add group/tree support and dedicated option and option-group components (closes #3222) (#4267) (f1ed017)
  • b-form-select: support paths for valueField, textField, htmlField and disabledField props (#4386) (ed3b736)
  • b-form-tags: new tagged input component (#4409) (00eb9d9)
  • b-row: add Bootstrap v4.4 row columns support (#4439) (833b028)
  • b-table: better sort labeling for screen readers (closes #4487) (#4488) (d4e66fa)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: new tbody-tr-attr prop for arbitrary row attributes (closes #1864) (#4481) (4acf6ed)
  • b-tooltip: add noninteractive prop (closes #4556) (#4563) (b3ad726)
  • build: configure pre-commit hook (closes #4532) (#4552) (1bf9e59)

Bug Fixes v2.2.0

  • b-table, b-table-lite: handle edge case with row events when table is removed from dom. instantiate row event handlers only when listeners are registered (fixes #4384) (#4388) (9a81cd4)
  • b-toast: fix internal ensureToaster method call when toaster name changes (#4468) (744bb7a)
  • tooltips, popovers: fix memory leak (closes #4400) (#4401) (c71352d)
  • docs: handle undocumented breaking changes in babel-standalone for IE 11 (#4484) (56f8bb5)


Released: 2019-11-12

Features v2.1.0

  • auto-generate file web-types.json for WebStorm, and files vetur-tags.json and vetur-attributes.json for Vetur (closes #4107) (#4110) (1a3e6a5)
  • b-dropdown: add block support to toggle button (closes #4266) (#4269) (30029e3)
  • b-form-group: allow setting label cols props to auto (closes #4217) (#4218) (21a822b)
  • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: add lazy modifier prop to update v-model on change/blur event (#4169) (55787dd)
  • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: add v-model debouncing feature, and deprecate <b-table> prop filter-debounce (closes #4150) (#4314) (3ecdfa2)
  • b-img, b-img-lazy: add support for srcset and sizes props (closes #4348) (#4350) (f419cb4)
  • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: add pills style option (#4236) (605d4c4)
  • b-table: add selectRow() and unselectRow() methods to cell and row-details slot scopes, and new prop no-select-on-click (#4283) (64b881f)
  • b-table: default the row select feature selected-variant to the active variant (#4128) (af372b0)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: add in head/foot row variant prop (addresses #4215) (#4216) (b222c7c)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: add prop details-td-class for applying classes to the details row <td> (#4276) (702a1ef)
  • b-tabs: emit cancelable BvEvent before changing tabs via new activate-tab event (closes #4273) (#4274) (9b195dd)
  • v-b-visible: make v-b-visible directive available for public use (#4318) (5fa7e22)

Bug Fixes v2.1.0

  • b-dropdown: handle issue with touch devices on MacOS using Safari/Firefox (Fixes #4328, #4344) (#4329) (2779a0a)
  • b-nav-form, b-nav-text: ensure these sub-components have <li> as root element for accessibility (#4100) (6774800)
  • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: add UP/DOWN keyboard navigation support for JAWS (fixes #4322) (#4325) (c686088)
  • b-table, b-table-lite, b-table-simple: fix issue with sticky columns when table is not responsive but has sticky headers (fixes #4354) (#4356) (56b3958)
  • b-table, b-table-lite, b-tbody: fix delegated event handlers when transition + minor adjustment to row key generation (fixes #4370, #4360) (#4372) (030a3d8)
  • b-tabs: allow space to trigger tab activation when no-key-nav is enabled (fixes #4323) (#4326) (731365b)
  • v-b-modal: ensure trigger element is keyboard accessible if not a link or button, for A11Y (#4365) (f54ca29)
  • v-b-modal: open modal using ENTER key on non-button elements for A11Y (#4364) (0d27d7b)
  • v-b-tooltip, v-b-popover: ensure reference to trigger element is passed to title/content function (fixes #4331) (#4332) (ea0cbda)
  • v-b-visible: fix type error in componentUpdated hook + minor docs update/fixes (#4327) (5f3ba9e)
  • web-types: update web-types code generation to match latest schema (#4271) (009431e)

Other v2.1.0

  • b-table: deprecate prop filter-debounce in favour of b-form-input debouncing
  • documentation updates and fixes


Released: 2019-10-11

Bug Fixes v2.0.4

  • b-carousel: disable the next/prev controls when the carousel is sliding (closes #4210) (#4212) (64d556d)
  • b-dropdown-form: fix SCSS styling when placed in a nav dropdown (fixes #4220) (#4223) (b852bba)
  • types: correct the declared export name for BCardSubTitle component (#4229) (9f216df)

Performance v2.0.4

Other v2.0.4

  • add "sass" entry in package.json
  • minor docs fixes and updates


Released: 2019-10-05

Bug Fixes v2.0.3

  • b-form-file: fix prop type checking for value prop (#4168) (a8e2e56)
  • b-nav-item-dropdown: focus-out handling when new focus comes from another dropdown-toggle (closes #4113) (#4139) (9c37875)
  • b-table: minor code optimizations to filter debouncing (#4167) (018eef1)
  • b-table, b-table-lite, b-table-simple: disable sticky header max-height on printers / print media (#4147) (24c62c5)
  • b-tooltip, b-popover: add SVGElement as acceptable prop type (closes #4173) (#4174) (fab7fea)
  • v-b-modal: bind to inner link or button for dropdown items or nav items (fixes #4149) (#4187) (5c28bd2)

Performance v2.0.3

  • b-table, b-table-lite: delegate row event handlers to the tbody element (#4192) (3f0d46a)
  • tables: make b-th extend b-td instead of using functional wrappers (#4156) (c9715a8)
  • tables: improve provide/inject performance (addresses #4155) (#4164) (152fefc)

Docs v2.0.3

  • add prop descriptions to component reference tables (closes #3647) (#4161) (fdd2a83)
  • add quick links (page table of contents) to docs pages for small screens, and add table of contents to section index pages (instead of a redirect to first child page) (#4145) (22268aa)


Released: 2019-09-20

This patch release includes a few minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

Bug Fixes v2.0.2

  • b-popover, b-tooltip: ensure prop boundary-padding is passed to popper instance (fixes #4131) (#4133) (a54a647)
  • b-collapse: make id prop not required (#4109) (4f935ce)
  • tables: add in missing Bootstrap variant class bg-active for dark tables (#4098) (d9900ab)
  • tables: ensure row variant active (class table-active) takes precedence over other row variants (addresses #3008) (#4127) (fdb8bb6)
  • tooltips, popovers: hide trigger element title attribute during show delay (fixes #4114) (#4120) (2dd8d5a)


Released: 2019-09-13

This patch release includes a few minor bug fixes and documentation updates.

Bug Fixes v2.0.1

  • b-media: fix vertical align class when top or bottom selected (fixes #4052) (#4055) (9ccfe4c)
  • b-table: handle filter as an object when using items provider, and prevent duplicate provider calls on mount (fixes #4065) (#4068) (9ddd115)
  • b-table: remove extra slashes in mixins imports (#4087) (77f5be1)
  • tooltips, popovers: check document.body instead of document for IE 11 support (fixes #4074) (#4075) (1eda4fe)
  • v-b-tooltip, v-b-popover: add missing disabled config option (#4057) (f488dc1)
  • v-b-tooltip, v-b-popover: don't show if no title/content provided (closes #4064) (#4076) (0b7de29)


Released: 2019-09-06

BootstrapVue 2.0.0 stable introduces several new features and bug fixes. Please note that this release also includes several breaking changes.

Notable improvements:

  • Tooltips and popovers have been completely re-written for better reactivity and stability. The directive versions are now reactive to trigger element title attribute changes and configuration changes. The component versions now perform better when quickly hovering/un-hovering the trigger element. Component and directive versions now have a default delay of 50ms (affects 'hover' and 'focus' triggers only). They can now have a trigger of 'manual' (when used by itself) of which they can only be opened or closed programmatically. Users can now optionally specify the ID that the tooltip or popover uses. For accessibility reasons, the title attribute is removed from the trigger element (target) only when the tooltip or popover is showing, and is restored when hidden.
  • Modals, tooltips, popovers, and toasts now work with scoped style classes (requires the use of vue-loader's /deep/, ::v-deep or >>> deep selectors for targeting inner elements, just like with any other component).
  • New SVG background image based sorting indicator icons for <b-table>, with the ability to place them on either the right (default) or left of the table cell headers (via a new prop).
  • Programmatic selection of <b-table> selectable rows.
  • Ability to provide your own custom footer structure for <b-table> and <b-table-lite>.

Breaking changes and deprecated features removal v2.0.0

Please carefully read the following before upgrading to v2.0.0 stable!

  • Vue 2.6+ is now required at a minimum, 2.6.10+ is recommended. Some components will fail to work as expected if using Vue 2.5 (notably tooltips and popovers, but other components may be affected as well).
  • All deprecated features have been removed in v2.0.0 stable in order to reduce bundle size and simplify code.

Two notable breaking changes are:

  • changes to the table slot naming syntax: the table slot syntax introduced in rc.28 has been modified in v2.0.0 stable for better compatibility with the new Vue v-slot syntax and its limitations (which currently are not documented in the Vue.JS docs).
  • the removal of the deprecated /es build directory: Users should now be importing the new top-level named exports when importing individual components, directives, and plugins.

Read the following migration guide for more details.

Migration guide v2.0.0

  • Removal of the deprecated /es build directory. Users should now be using the new simplified import syntax introduced in v2.0.0-rc.22. Users should be importing the top-level named exports instead.
  • b-dropdown: removal of deprecated text slot. Use the button-content slot instead.
  • b-form-* controls, b-form-group, b-form-invalid-feedback and b-form-valid-feedback: validation prop state now only accepts true, false, or null values. Passing the strings 'invalid' or 'valid' will no longer work.
  • b-form-group: removal of the deprecated horizontal and breakpoint props. Use props label-cols{-{breakpoint}} instead.
  • b-img-lazy, b-card-img-lazy: now rely only on IntersectionObserver support (native or via a polyfill) to determine when to show the image. If IntersectionObserver support is not detected, then the image will always be shown. Use a polyfill if you need to support older browsers (e.g. IE 11)
  • b-modal: the deprecated BvModalEvent method cancel() has been removed. Use the method preventDefault() instead.
  • b-modal: the deprecated BvModalEvent property modalId has been removed. Use the property componentId instead.
  • b-nav: removal of the deprecated is-nav prop. Use b-navbar-nav component instead when placing navs in b-navbar.
  • b-nav-item-dropdown: deprecated props extra-menu-classes and extra-toggle-classes have been removed. Used props menu-class and toggle-class (respectively) instead.
  • b-table and b-table-lite: table cell field, header and footer scoped slot naming convention has changed. Users should be using the new table round bracketed slot naming syntax: use slot cell(field) instead of field or [field], use slot head(field) instead of HEAD_field or HEAD[field], use foot(field) instead of FOOT_field or FOOT[field]. This change was required for better compatibility with the new Vue v-slot syntax. The square bracket syntax introduced in 2.0.0-rc.28 has been replaced with the round bracket syntax to reduce possible confusion and potential future issues with Vue 2.6's new dynamic slot name syntax.
  • b-table: the filter prop will no longer accept a function reference (previously deprecated). Instead, pass a function to the filter-function prop when using a custom filter function. The prop filter is only to be used for the filter's criteria (i.e. the search value, search RegExpr, etc).
  • b-table: passing an object as a fields definition will no longer work. Use the array of strings or array of objects (or a combination of the two) fields definition format instead.
  • b-table: sorting icon SASS variables have been changed to handle the new SVG backgrounds. If you previously had custom CSS styling/icons, they will not work as expected - but sorting will still work. the SVG backgrounds can be controlled via SASS variables.
  • b-tab: removal of deprecated href prop. Use <b-nav> for controlling panes that change with URL changes.
  • b-tabs: removal of deprecated tabs slot. Use slot tabs-end instead.
  • b-tabs: removal of deprecated bottom prop. Use the end prop instead.
  • Tooltip SCSS: deprecated variable $bv-tooltip-bg-level has been removed. Use variable $b-tooltip-bg-level instead.
  • Popover SCSS: deprecated variables $bv-popover-bg-level, $bv-popover-border-level, and $bv-popover-color-level have been removed. Use variables $b-popover-bg-level, $b-popover-border-level, and $b-popover-color-level (respectively) instead.

Please refer to the documentation for the latest usage and examples, and below for a list of fixes and new features.

Bug Fixes v2.0.0

  • b-dropdown-*: ensure class bindings are placed on root element for all dropdown sub-components (closes #4022) (#4024) (81efb89)
  • b-form-textarea: handle initial auto-height when in modal, tabs, or other component with transition or which uses v-show (fixes #3936, #3702) (#3937) (be3ac62)
  • b-link: only add the nativeOn property to componentData when rendering a router link (#3976) (62fb0b6)
  • b-modal: ensure non-prop attributes are transferred to the modal outer wrapper div (closes #3896) (#3921) (8bf3a55)
  • b-modal: fix scroll to top issue when modal has no-fade set (#4004) (332b79f)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: handle edge case where field slot returns no vNodes (fixes #3919) (#3920) (a392059)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: render header when not always stacked mode (fixes #3886) (#3887) (2302b31)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: generate :key for row-details row based on the primary-key field value if available (#4025) (c7cb16f)
  • v-b-toggle: don't override role if element has a role assigned (#3889) (5d155ba)
  • tooltip, popover: overall code refactor for better reactivity and performance (fixes: #1990, #2937, #3480, #3717, #3854, closes #3451) (#3908) (eebab43)

Features v2.0.0

  • b-carousel: add prop no-wrap for disabling wrapping to start/end (closes #3902) (#3905) (2c8bd23)
  • b-dropdown: add role=presentation to <li> elements for improved a11y (#3996) (464d257)
  • b-img-lazy: switch IntersectionObserver to use private v-b-visible directive (#3977) (249ccfa)
  • b-modal: add scoped style support when portalled (non-static modal) (#3962) (77ad6b9)
  • b-nav: add card header support (#3883) (4046a53)
  • b-pagination: if number of pages changes, try and keep current page active (closes #3716) (#3990) (ae8ce78)
  • b-modal: add prop for auto focusing one of the built in-buttons once shown (closes #3945) (#3979) (6f2827e)
  • b-table: allow field definition properties filterByFormatted and sortByFormatted to accept a formatter function reference (closes #3892) (#3898) (5492b38)
  • b-table: new sorting icons using SVG, plus option to place icon on left of header cell (closes #3687, #3696, #3918, #3966) (#3968) (c4442f4)
  • b-table: add filter-debounce prop for debouncing filter updates (#3891) (03536a5)
  • b-table: add selectAllRows() and clearSelected() to thead/tfoot slot scopes (addresses #3901) (#3907) (86c53dd)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: switch slot name syntax to use round brackets instead of square brackets (#3986) (fca7bd5)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: remove deprecated slot names, introduce new slot names (#3866) (249efd9)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: use aria-details rather than aria-describedby when details row showing (addresses #3801) (#3992) (f6f73c7)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: add support for custom header attributes (closes #2244) (#3876) (8784f31)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: add new scoped slot custom-foot to allow user to create their own table footer (closes #3960) (#4027) (cbeeef9)
  • b-table, b-table-lite, b-table-simple: add no-border-collapse prop and SCSS (#3987) (253b4f6)
  • b-toast: add support for scoped styles (#3963) (ca1b5de)
  • tooltip, popover: overall code refactor for better reactivity and performance (fixes: #1990, #2937, #3480, #3717, #3854, closes #3451) (#3908) (eebab43)

Deprecation removals v2.0.0

  • b-dropdown: remove deprecated slot text (#3868) (29eb8b1)
  • b-form-group: remove deprecated prop horizontal and breakpoint (#3879) (b301822)
  • b-nav, b-nav-item-dropdown: remove deprecated slot and props (#3867) (21fab35)
  • b-modal: remove BvModalEvent deprecations (#3864) (90c299c)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: switch slot name syntax to use round brackets instead of square brackets (#3986) (fca7bd5)
  • b-table, b-table-lite: remove deprecated slot names, introduce new slot names (#3866) (249efd9)
  • b-tabs: remove deprecations (#3863) (0edac49)
  • tooltip/popover: remove SCSS deprecations (#3869) (bea49d4)
  • build: remove deprecated es/ build (#3604) (3828f59)

Older releases

For prior release notes and commits, please refer to the CHANGELOG-OLD file.